Jul 312012

Amy Pond reports having surviving three new horror films


Chernobyl Diaries

Chernobyl Diaries

New horror film Chernobyl Diaries see six tourists hire an extreme tour guide who takes them to the abandoned city Pripyat, the former home to the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor but during their exploration, they soon discover they are not alone.

Drawing from real-life events it had the potential to be truly frightening but unfortunately it does not live up the hype created by the trailer, although the film is rather jumpy in places the story was pretty much nonexistent, the characters were shallow and unbelievable, and the only one who had any substance was one of the first to die, leaving the rest to make frustratingly stupid decisions.

The camera work of the movie is chaotic; many of the shots are just too dark to be able to see around the characters leading to confusion as to what exactly is going on. However the location is one of the only bright spots of the movie; it provides a creepy atmosphere and helps build tension, the dark, narrow tunnels, the dust and the old abandoned equipment, are one of the only things that saves an otherwise predictable disappointment.

The Pact

The Pact

A brilliant horror that sees Annie come back to her childhood home when her sister disappears after organising their mother’s funeral, which she was determined not to attend due to years of childhood abuse but soon strange, supernatural things begin to happen to her.

This is a very clever plot which takes you on a journey, uncovering things as Annie does. The acting was very believable and unlike some horrors followed what the true behaviour of normal people, running to the cops instead of going it alone. Despite many thinking she’s crazy, one cop (who is rather good looking) decides to help her, and they start investigating the history of her family and the house that hides a more terrifying secret then anyone could imagine, all revolving around the cupboard Annie and her sister were locked in as children.

The soundtrack, or lack of it, created a very eerie, real and intense atmosphere which keeps you on the edge of your seat; the characters individually weren’t particularly out of the ordinary, except Stevie, a blind pshysic from Annie’s teenage years, who gives her the help she needs to discover the shocking truth of her families past. The twist is scream-inducing leads to an ending you could never see coming.

This film is an intelligent, well written and acted, proves that the things that go bump in the night are not always in your imagination. Definitely a must see, just maybe not alone.


The Five Year Engagement

The Five-Year Engagement

A fantastic romantic comedy that everyone can enjoy. Tom is a long-time chef in San-Francisco, he believes he is destined to spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend, Violet, a British psychology post graduate student, so after only a year since they met, in what were hilarious circumstances, Tom proposes.

The chemistry between Segel and Blunt is magnificent, portraying a completely believable relationship,  they are supported by a great cast including Tom’s best friend and former cook buddy Alex who is very funny with his constant irritating, childish behaviour! To make matters worse for Tom and Violet, Alex marries Violet’s sister, Suzie after getting her pregnant during a one night stand at their engagement party, causing jealously as Tom and Violets wedding keeps getting delayed, much to their families disappointment.

The trouble really starts when Violet receives an invitation into what is a once in a life time job opportunity in snowy Michigan, leaving Tom searching for a new job. Unfortunately he ends up working in a fast food sandwich shop and slowly we see Tom begin to lose his touch with reality out in the Michigan wilderness with his eccentric crew of new friends, while Violet becomes increasingly close to her boss, the charming Professor Winton Childs, leaving them to wonder if their destinies are really interlinked.

This is a great film and shows that relationships don’t always run smoothly as plenty of other films would have you believe, it is relatable and has moments of pure comic genius, if the Elmo-Cookie Monster scene doesn’t have you laughing there is something wrong! Although the film does drag in some places, it could’ve been easily done in 90 minutes; it is well worth a watch and will have you believing that love can conquer all.