Partner Projects


ICM (Ipswich Community Media), io radio and Access Archaeology

Access Archeology

Access Archaeology – Lucy uses archaeology, landscape history and museum collections to explore contemporary issues. She works with artists, musicians, writers, scientists and community groups.

io radioio radio is a volunteer radio station that broadcasts a wide range of music and speech based shows.

Former partners CSV Media have rebranded to Volunteering Matters and we wish them every success.

The CSV Media Clubhouse® is a digital multimedia centre combined with music and community art facilities. It is situated in the heart of the planned Ipswich Village, close to the town centre. The Clubhouse provides work based training in media and ICT skills to improve employability and increase diversity in the media.

The following projects are just some examples of those working in close collaboration at the Clubhouse and throughout Suffolk: 

Evolution logo

Volunteering In Society to Integrate Overseas NationalsProject Overview* Region: East of England * Key target group: Women from Third country nations * Key sectors: Accredited Trainings, ESOL, ESOL & Citizenship,  Workshops, Settlement in UK and Volunteering  * Lead partner: Community Service Volunteers (CSV) *“Tell me I will forget; show me and I will remember; but Involve me, I will understand” Project Details: Evolution is a women only project targeting third country nationals who have been living in the UK for less than 10 years and have legal immigration status. All women that are Non-EU nationals are eligible. We are delivering activties and training to encourage them to integrate into the local society.