Nov 092013
The Boot Ring

A ‘tongue in cheek’ short film made by the VXM / ICTV film crew who were sent a closing film ‘still shot’ by their project partners in Belgium and by return we sent an opening film ‘still shot’. The idea that each partner across the water then created a different short film using the pictures, […]

Sep 052013
Bionicle Blog Series - Episode 1 - Diabolica Unbound

Matthew Algar will be creating a 10 week Bionicle animation series, a continuation from his current Bionicle Blogs series on YouTube specially for ICTV. During the process Matthew will be put through specialised master classes to help improve the quality of his series. Week 1 – Sound.  In the first episode we see Bloodtide justify […]

May 092013

A short drama by the ICTV team. It is midday in an urban town area; a young man has lost his job. We see his life break down around him; he experiences flashbacks and starts to hear voices which build up and intensify. He finds himself at the river where in his turmoil he lashes […]

May 062010

A troubled author, James writes his latest novel in a dank, claustrophobic basement, completely secluded from the world. Reason for his isolation begins shroude.